New site

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I decided to create a new profile site under this domain which I acquired a while ago. The name is very ego centric but I figure its a useful place to post Drupal related thoughts and experiences that don’t have a home elsewhere. I put the site together over a few evenings in the lead up to DrupalCon Copenhagen and decided it was time I gave the alpha version of Drupal 7 a go. So far so good!

I decided to try and implement the site using HTML 5 and thanks to the efforts of Scott Vandehey and Dylan Tack with the excellent Boron theme this was a painless process.

This site uses the following modules:

  • Views 3 - the awesome views module for creating lists (and more).
  • Colorbox - a lightbox clone that works on D7 and looks nice.
  • Disqus - a more feature rich comments alternative.
  • Pathauto - for automatic tokenised clean urls.
  • SyntaxHighlighter - makes pasted code look pretty.
  • Token - some additional tokens not available in core.
  • Devel - handy development tools

My favourite feature so far of Drupal 7 has to be the admin overlay. I realise this is controversial viewpoint. Last time I tried D7 I got frustrated with it but this time everything seems to make more sense, the menus are logically structured and laid out and are easy to access. The work Mark Boulton and Leisa Reichelt did on improving the usability of Drupal is really apparent. It started a movement to make Drupal’s interface a lot clearer and this really comes across in Drupal 7.

Its also great to see module developers releasing development versions of their modules at this early stage (compared to Drupal 6’s release).

So all in all I feel happy about the direction Drupal 7 has gone in and this has only just scratched the surface. I’ve implemented this site hardly even needing to touch any code, something I wouldn’t be able to do as easily in Drupal 6.