Senior Drupal Web Developer and Technical Lead

I’m generally known as Tanc, mostly due to my full name being Tancredi D’Onofrio. I lived in Melbourne for a few years but moved back to my home town of Oxford, England in 2012. I was the Senior Web Developer at Business Spectator and Eureka Report whilst in Melbourne, working exclusively with Drupal.

I’m now a Senior Web Developer and Technical Lead and member of Agile Collective a company with a co-operative governance structure.

This site is mostly about my findings as I continue to explore my profession as a web developer. In the blog section you’ll find mostly Drupal tech related posts. I hope to build out the case studies section with examples of sites I’ve worked on over the years.

Drupal experience

I have worked exclusively with Drupal for the last ten years for four different companies, Em Space, Publicity Works, Business Spectator and Eureka Report and currently Agile Collective.

As senior developer at Business Spectator and Eureka Report I was responsible for architecting and developing the migration from Lotus Domino based sites to modern Drupal 7 sites. Eureka Report was a responsive design that I developed and coded in the early days of responsive design. Business Spectator is a busy finance news site.

As lead developer at Publicity Works I was responsible for making sure development projects came in on budget while maintaining an excellent standard of work.

Whilst at Publicity Works I created a complex extranet site based on Open Atrium, a site for one of the biggest workers trade unions in Australia and guided other projects such as Daniels International.

I have attended five DrupalCons and a Drupal Dev Days and am as active in the community as time permits, usually maintaining my modules and sometimes contributing to core.

I’m also a member of the Drupal Association.Drupal Association Individual Member


I have a wide range of skills which encompass a complete project life cycle from initial brief to quoting through to theming and development. I came to Drupal back end development through HTML and CSS so my initial experiences were in design and customisation. In the past four years this has turned mostly to custom module development and more complex Drupal implementations. Recently I’ve been doing a lot more architecture related activities along with integrations between 3rd party APIs and Drupal.


  • Drupal site architecture
  • Custom Drupal module development
  • HTML5 and CSS3 theming with responsive design