drupal 6

How to create a custom Views handler

Ever wanted to alter the output of a date field in Views beyond what a custom date format can do? I needed to be able to show a node’s created date formatted in two different ways depending on whether the date is today or before today: All nodes in my view with a created date of today should only show the time posted, while nodes older than today should show the full date and time posted.

Using field level permissions to allow 'view in list' but not 'view full node' in Drupal

As Drupal’s view permission doesn’t differentiate between a view in a list (output by Views) and a full node view it can be hard to meet the requirements of some clients who want to ‘tease’ their users by showing lists of titles without giving full access to the node.

Stella Power wrote about one way to do this which made me write up my method in this blog post.

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