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Your typical Xdebug primer for OSX

I will be presenting Xdebug at the Drupal Melbourne Meetup next month. For those who are interested, here is a primer about the various tools I use, and there should be enough information for most people to set these tools up for themselves. I am focussing on my personal development environment, including MAMP (Free version) and Netbeans IDE. The benefit of MAMP is that it now ships with Xdebug. The main points I cover in this article are:

  • MAMP configuration
  • Editing php.ini to enable Xdebug
  • Pretty error messages with Xdebug
  • In-line debugging in Netbeans
  • Creating a cachegrind profile
  • Visualising the cachegrind profile with Graphviz
  • Creating a trace file with Xdebug

Upgrading this site from Drupal 7 alpha 6 to beta 1

For some reason I wasn’t aware of there being no upgrade path between alpha version of Drupal. This makes total sense, the api and schema keeps changing a lot before the beta so extra time is needed to maintain the updgrade path and it would be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately I had decided to create this site on Drupal 7 alpha 6 a little while back so when the beta came out a few days ago I decided to try to upgrade.

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